Patrolling Obligations

  1. sl beach set upPatrol rosters will be distributed via email, posted on this website and posted on the club noticeboard toward the beginning of October each season.  Please ensure you familiarise yourself with your patrol commitments as soon as possible.
  2. Patrolling members are expected to meet their rostered patrol commitments.  If you are unable to meet your patrol commitments please try and arrange a suitable substitute as early as possible, keeping your Patrol Captain informed.
  3. If you don’t attend a patrol without arranging a substitute, you will be given a penalty patrol.  In the event that a second patrol is missed without arranging a substitute, you will be asked to explain your actions in person to the management committee.
  4. Please turn up to the patrols to which you are rostered; simply completing your requisite hours to meet competition requirements does not help your patrol team, the club or the community.  If you wish to complete extra patrol hours, please contact the relevant Patrol Captain or the Vice-Captain in advance as a matter of courtesy.
  5. Team shotPatrols are generally from 1pm to 5pm (or 6pm during the hotter months) on weekends and public holidays.  Please turn up at 12:45pm to commence setting up.
  6. Wear your club swimmers and patrol uniform (shorts and shirt) on patrol.  A skull cap and wide-brimmed hat will be supplied.
  7. Finally, please refrain from wearing your patrol uniform anywhere but on the beach on patrol.  We do not like seeing patrolling members walking around Henley Foodland or sitting in coffee shops in the square (it is not a good look).  The new building has created a lot of ‘discussion’ in the community so we want to maintain a professional image. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries with any of the above or any other lifesaving matter.

Bec Codd
Vice-Captain HSLSC