2016 Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships

Posted on 17/09/2016 by: Surf Sports Manager

This season Henley had 53 members represent our club across the Youth, Open and Masters entered as competitors and handlers in the Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships.

A special mention to Phil Hogan, Rachel Roe and Bianca Parker, Team Managers Extraordinairre, whose tireless organisation and work before, during and after the event ensured our Henley team had a fantastic experience. A very special mention to Trish Hogan for coordinating and organising team accommodation and securing great deals for our families. Also, it certainly would not be possible for our team to compete if it wasn't for the support from our IRB drivers and crew.

There were many memorable moments during the competition at Aussies for our Henley team, with the most outstanding being the 120 Yrs Female Surf Boat crew, the Henley Amazons - of Hannah Kitchin, Tara Clarke, Claire Burke, Renae Pearce and sweep Gary Fazzalari - winning the club's first gold medal by a surf boat crew at Aussies. This was then followed up with another impressive effort from the Mens 170 Yrs Surf Team of John Ellice-Flint, Neville Fielder and Andrew Lanyon, winning gold for the second year in a row. Both of these are incredible achievements and a testament to the member's dedication, team work, training and culture. Congratulations!

Our medallists for the 2016 Aussies campaign were:


120 Yrs Female Surf Boat - Claire Burke, Gary Fazzalari (sweep), Tara Clarke, Hannah Kitchin, Renae Pearce

Aussies 2016 GOLD Womens Surf Boats

Masters 170 Yrs Surf Team - Andrew Lanyon, John Ellice-Flint, Neville Fielder

2016 Aussies GOLD MEns Surf Race


Andrew Lanyon - 55-59 Mens Rescue Tube Race