Latest Bronze Award and SRC recipients

Posted on 04/02/2014 by: web

Congratulations to the latest group of Bronze Award and SRC recipients at the Henley SLSC.

Thank you to all the trainers for their hard work. We look forward to having these new patrolling members contributing to our wonderful club.

Bronze Medallion
Darcy Daviess, Jordan Fens, Mieke Fens, Tim O'Neill, Emma Collins, Alex Appelbee, Aristotelis Devrelis, Kai Gerbi, Isabel Hood, Jo Malcolm, Daniel Mattiazzo, Chelsea Turner.

Surf Rescue Certificate
Jesse Froud, Joseph Hart, Cael Murphy, Brooke Kerrison, Sarah Haines.

These memners are now a vital part of our club in ensuring we provide a safe aquatic environment for the community and visitors.

bronze group

(L to R) Kai Gerbi, Alex Appelbee, Aristotelis Devrelis, Isabel Hood, Andrew Kelly (training officer), Emma Collins, Daniel Mattiazzo, Jo Malcom, Chelsea Turner, Brooke Kerrison (SRC) and Sarah Haines (SRC) 

bronze rescue