SENIOR CARNIVAL 3 - Full Mobile Carnival on Sunday Jan 11th with beach events on Friday 9th Jan

Posted on 04/01/2015 by: Comp Manager

Entries are now open for Senior Carnival 3. Please find attached Circular C14090 from SLSSA regarding the 3rd Senior Carnival for the season.  Please distribute this information to all relevant members in your areas, especially at your training sessions.

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and taken some time to enjoy the festive season.

Andrew Henry - please note the Beach events will be run separately on Friday 9th January at Seacliff. 

Lisa - please note our officials quota has been separated between Beach events on 9th January and Water events on 11th January.

R&R State Championship: NOTE now to be conducted on Saturday 21st February

As area captains, AGL's and mentors can I please ask that you make contact with members from your areas and begin to encourage them to compete, form teams and get involved.  I know it's a busy time of the year and many members may be away on holidays but if we can get our members to these carnivals and gain some points it's going to help us reach our goals for State Titles.  I think we all need to be more vocal and active in asking members to get involved. Please don't assume they'll read the information sent out...sometimes being asked in person goes a long way in making people feel like they matter.

Area Captains - can you please advise if me via email or sms that you are available to meet on either Tuesday 6th or Wednesday 7th January at 7.00pm for our monthly meeting. 

Download attached PDF.