Senior Carnival 5 – ENTRIES NOW OPEN

Posted on 12/02/2016 by: comp manager

Nominations for the Senior Carnival 5 to be conducted on the South Coast (venue TBC) to be on Sunday 21 February are now open. Please refer to the Events list below and forward your entries to before 5pm on Wednesday 17 February.

Please note: late nominations will also be taken up to one hour prior to events starting at a fee of $10.00 per competitor.

For further details please refer to Circular C15105.


Beach Flags U14 to OPEN

Beach Relay U14 to OPEN

Beach Sprint U14 to OPEN

Board Race U14 to OPEN

Board Relay U15 to OPEN

Cameron Relay U15

Double Ski U17 to OPEN

Iron U14 to OPEN

March Past U17, U23, OPEN

Officials - OPEN

Single Ski U17 to OPEN

Ski Relay U17 to OPEN

Surf Race U14 to OPEN

Taplin Relay (3) U17 to OPEN

Taplin Relay (6) OPEN Mens

Officials and a Team Manager are also required from the Henley SLSC.

Please email if you can assist.