2013 South Australian Masters Championships

February 24, 2013Competition Results

16th, 23rd – 24th February

Competition at Moana for these Championships involved a large representation from Henley. It was great to see our Masters giving it their best with some excellent results, finishing 6th overall.

An impressive and outstanding 45 medals were won by our Masters at the Championships and many 4th – 6th positions were also achieved. What an exceptional effort by everyone, congratulations.

Our medallists this year at the Masters Titles were:


Mens 35-39 Sprint: Gary Ashton

Womens 30-34 Sprint: Lindy Lewis

Mens 35-39 2km Run: Gary Ashton

Mens 65-69 1km Run: Rick Daly

Womens 30-34 Flags: Lindy Lewis

Mens 50-54 Surf Race: Andrew Lanyon

Womens 55-59 Surf Race: Pam Gunn

Mens 50-54 Iron Man: Andrew Lanyon

Mens 50-54 Board Race: Andrew Lanyon

Womens 30-34 Board Race: Kathryn Vogt

Mens 50-54 Rescue Tube Race: Neville Fielder

Mens 60-64 Rescue Tube Race: John Ellis-Flint

Womens 30-34 Rescue Tube Race: Rachael Tredrea

Womens 130 Surf Team: Pam Gunn, Michelle Joynes and Rachael Tredrea

Mens 50-54 Board Rescue: Andrew Lanyon and Neville Fielder

Womens 30-34 Board Rescue: Nikki von Bertouch and Catherine Booth

Womens 120 Surf Boat: Henley Hurricanes – Evette Devries, Jane Dewar, Kathryn Curnow, Leah Panakera-Thorpe and Kevin Fitzgerald (Sweep)

Womens 160 Surf Boat: Henley Rollicks – Katie Cavanagh, Rae Lawson, Lisa Will, Kathryn Vogt and Bradley Vogt (Sweep)


Womens 35-39 2km Run: Jen Frisby-Smith

Mens 35-39 Flags: Gary Ashton

Mens 60-34 Flags: John Ellis-Flint

Mens 50-54 Surf Race: Neville Fielder

Mens 60-64 Surf Race: John Ellis-Flint

Womens 30-34 Surf Race: Rachael Tredrea

Womens 55-59 Rescue Tube RacePam Gunn

Mens 35-39 Double Ski: Scott Robinson and Damien Grant

Mens 150 Surf Team: John Ellice-Flint, Neville Fielder and Andrew Lanyon

Mens 150 Taplin Relay: John Ellice-Flint, Andrew Lanyon and Scott Robinson

Womens 140 Beach Relay: Lindy Lewis, Nikki Von Ber Touch, Kat Vogt and Catherine Booth

Womens 130 Board Relay (Names not supplied)

Womens 45-49 Board Rescue (Names not supplied)


Mens 60-64 Sprint: John Ellis-Flint

Mens 65-69 Sprint: Rick Daly

Mens 40-44 2km Run: James Corbett

Womens 30-34 2km Run: Kathryn Vogt

Womens 50-54 2km Run: Tania Coorey

Mens 65-69 Flags: Rick Daly

Womens 30-34 Iron Woman: Kathryn Vogt

Mens 50-54 Ski Race: Andrew Lanyon

Womens 30-34 Ski Race: Lindy Lewis

Mens 50-54 Rescue Tube Race: Andrew Lanyon

Womens 30-34 Board Rescue: Katherine Vogt and Rachael Tredrea

Womens 40-44 Board Rescue: Michelle Joynes and Bec Forest

Mens 130 Board Relay: Andrew Lanyon, Dean Woods and Steve Forest

Mens 140 Beach Relay (Names not supplied)

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