2013/14 Senior Carnival – Southport – 17 November 2013

November 19, 2013Competition Results

On Sunday 17 November the first Senior Carnival of the year was held at Southport. The Henley SLSC was well presented with 6 boat crews and 23 competitors on the beach and in the water area, the weather was fine but sadly no significant waves so all races were conducted in flat fine conditions.

At the end of the day with the preliminary scores issued we finished in 5th place (TBC) with approximately 120 points. This year SLSSA has introduced a point score system where points are awarded at every carnival and go towards the final points tally to determine the Overall SA Champion club at the end of the year.

The first event of the day was the March Past where the new Henley March Past team put on a brilliant display and would have been lost if it wasn’t for Mulchy telling us all what to do from the back row, however after some tough judging we finished a creditable 6th gaining the first points of the season for Henley SLSC. It should be noted the last time Henley SLSC had a March past team was in 1973, so well done.

Check the photo galley


In the boat area all crews completed 3 races in a round robin races before they finished with an All up final where we recorded the following placing’s.


Men (out of 19 crews):

  • 1st Henley Mackdogs
  • 6th Henley Royals
  • 15th Henley Reserve Men (Peter Edwards, Steve Matters, Jim Plouffe, Mike Henry)

Women (of 10 crews)

  • Equal 3rd Henley Pirates & Strikers
  • 6th Henley Emuettes

  • Open Men – 1st Henley Mackdogs
  • U23 Men – 1st Henley Royals
  • Reserve Men – Equal 6th Henley Silver Backs
  • Open Women – 3rd Henley Pirates, Equal 4th Henley Emuettes
  • U23 Women – Equal 1st Henley Pirates, Henley Strikers

Special mention to the new crew in the team the U19 women (Emuettes) represented by Olivia parker, Izzy Coldwell, Amber Daveron Searcy, Sky Daveron Searcy, Nicole Carey and swept by Kevin Fitzgerald, for their first hit out competed very well and beat 3 crews in the open woman’s, we look forward to seeing them in action again.


On the beach Henley were well represented in the u15, U17 and open events. We had competitors in flags, sprints and beach relays and made finals in all areas, with the following top 8 results from the finals:

  • Open men’s Flags – Garry Ashton, 5th
  • Open men’s sprint – Garry Ashton 3rd
  • U17 men’s flags – Sasa Tadic 4th Ethan Miller 7th
  • U17 Female flags – Chelsea Sleczka 8th
  • U17 men’s sprint – Sasa 4th
  • U17 men’s relay – Harry, Ryan, Ethan, Sasa, 2nd
  • U15 Female flags – Izzy 2nd, Beth 5th, Chloe 6th
  • U15 female sprint – Izzy 6th
  • U15 female relay – Sophie, Izzy, Beth, Chloe, 1st but DQ at baton change (more training Hen)


In the water again we were well represented in the U15, U17, U19 and open events with the top 10 results from the finals:

  • Open men’s swim – Josh 7th
  • Open woman’s swim – Jade, 1st
  • U17 men’s swim – Josh 2nd
  • U17 Female swim – Jade 4th
  • U17 men’s swim teams – Ethan, Josh, Harry, Ryan 3rd
  • U17 men’s board relay – Harry, Ethan, Sasa, Ryan 6th
  • U15 Female swim – Maeve 4th, Sibhom 8th
  • U15 female Iron woman – Maeve 2nd, Sibhom 9th
  • U15 female board – Maeve 7th
  • U15 men’s board – Daniel 9th, Cooper 10th
  • U15 men’s cameron relay – Cooper, Jake, Daniel, Ed 6th
  • U15 female cameron Relay – Emma, Lauren, Sibhom, Beth 6th and Maeve, Chloe, Izzy, Sophie 7th
  • U15 men’s cameron relay – Cooper, Ed, Daniel, Jake 6th
  • U15 men’s board relay – Cooper, Ed, Daniel, 2nd

Sadly Jade twisted her ankle badly in the u17 Iron woman and was not able to compete beyond that point, we wish Jade a speedy recovery and hope to see her back in the water and on the beach soon.

Many thanks to all our officials and helpers on the day and we look forward to the next Senior Carnival again at Southport.

Phil Hogan
Henley Team Manager

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