2014 Aussie Titles Report – Scarborough Beach WA

This year the Australian Surf Life Saving Titles were held at Scarboro Beach WA between Monday 31st March and Sunday 6th April. The Henley SLSC was represented by one of its largest Touring Teams on record with 33 competitors and 24 family and supporters in attendance.

We are extremely pleased to report the Henley SLSC finished the carnival with a total of 5 medals, (2 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze) this is the best ever result at the Aussies for the Henley SLSC surpassing the previous best result in 1964/65 where we won 3 medals.

In the Masters competition we were represented by Andrew Lanyon, John Ellice-Flint, Neville Fielder, Lindy Lewis, Garry Ashton, Suzie Ashton, Greg Fletcher, Stephen Forest, Damian Grant, Scott Robinson, Brett Roe, and Matt Simone.

The Masters competition hit the beach first on Monday and Tuesday in nice 2 to 3 foot surf which tested the skills of our elders with the following results;

– Board race 50 to 59, Andrew 4th in final

– Board race, 45 to 50, Brett 13th in semi final

– Surf Swim, 45 to 49, Brett 22nd in final

– Surf Swim, 55 to 59, Andrew 11th in final

– Surf Swim, 55 to 59, Neville 7th in final

– Surf Swim, 60 to 65, John Ellice-Flint, 2nd with the Silver medal

– Rescue Tube, 45 to 50, Brett 8th in heats

– Rescue Tube, 55 to 59, Neville 4th in final

– Rescue Tube, 55 to 59, Andrew 1st with the Gold medal

– Rescue Tube, 60 to 65, John 4th in final

– Ski, 40 to 44, Scott 10th in final

– Ski, 40 to 44, Greg 11th in final

– Ski, 40 to 44, Matt outside the top 8 in the semi final

– Ski, 40 to 44, Damian outside the top 8 in the semi final

– Board Rescue, 55 to 59, Andrew, Neville, 4th in final

– Men’s sprint, 40 to 44, Garry 4th

– Iron Man, 55 to 59, Andrew 1st with the Gold medal

– 2 km run, 40 to 44, Suzie, 7th in final

– 2 km run, 40 to 44, Garry 5th in final

– 2 km run, 45 to 49, Brett 7th in final

– Double skis, 35 to 39, Damian, Matt 4th in final

– Double skis, 40 to 44, Greg, Scott 8th in final

– Flags, 30 to 34, Lindy Lewis 3rd with the Bronze Medal

– Surf Swim teams, 110 years, Damian, Brett, Garry, 8th in final

– Surf Swim teams, 170 years, John, Andrew, Neville 2nd with Silver Medal

– Board Relay, 130 years, Brett, Garry, Steve, 11th in final

– Ski Relay, 110 years, Scott, Greg, Matt 11th in final

– Taplin Relay, 130 years, Garry, Brett, Matt, 15th in final

– Taplin Relay, 150 years , Scott, Andrew, Neville, 15th in final

In the Masters Competition we finished in 31st place out of 130 clubs with 42 points, a great effort from a team of 12 competitors and we didn’t have any boat crews competing, I’m sure if we did then our result would have been far better.

A couple of stories to share.

After 2 days of preparation in the WA surf our Board Captain Steve Forest on the first day of Masters competition while going for his warm up tore his calf muscle, resulted in the end of carnival for Steve, on Crutches and stuck in the tent, but he did win the award for the first person of the carnival to attend the First Aid tent.

Lindy Lewis who won back to back medals in the Flags but if you could have seen her body language when she was squeezed out by 2 ladies from the same club for the Bronze medal, wow Im looking forward to her competing with them next year, if you can get there don’t miss that event.

Our President Neville Fielder who has competed at the Aussies for 40 years and the medal he won in the men’s surf team with Andrew and John was his first ever at this competition, to see his emotion at the finish line was one to remember and the respect shown from all the other competitors and those watching on the beach was amazing, just shows we may all come from different clubs around Australia but with something like this everyone who knows Neville or who had competed with him over those years was lining up to congratulate him….. that is what Surf Life Saving is about.

Later trying to get the 3 old men on the dais for a photo with their medals, well that’s another story for another day.

Also don’t forget to ask our Ski Captain, Scott Robinson how to approach the turning buoys in a ski race, I’m sure he will give you some very valuable advice.

The Open competition commenced on the Wednesday and is for competitors from U15 and up. We were represented by Jake Butterfield, Lauren Daly, Jake Fitzgerald, Kevin Fitzgerald, Ed Gates-Ashton, Cooper Forest, Colby Grace, Darren Hocking, Daniel Hogan, Tom Lanyon, Beth Mahoney, Sophie McEvoy, Jen Meister, Sarah Melios-Traver, Daniel Murdock, Bianca Parker, Chloe Shatwell, Siobhan Roe, Courtney Smallacombe, Stefan Starkey and Izzy Williams.

The Open competition commenced on Wednesday in small 1 to 2 foot messy surf with the following results;

– U15 Board relay, Daniel, Ed, Jake, 16th in semi final

– U15 Cameron Relay, Lauren, Siobhan, Chloe, Izzy, 10th in semi final

– U15 Cameron Relay, Daniel, Ed, Jake, Cooper, 13th in semi final

– U15 Board Rescue, Jake , Daniel, 7th in heat

– U15 Board Rescue, Ed, Cooper, 8th in heat

– U15 Board Rescue, Siobhan, Lauren, 8th in heat

– U15 Surf Swim teams, Cooper, Daniel, Jake, Ed, 6th in semi final

– U15 Rescue Tube swim, Siobhan, 5th in heat

– U15 Board Race, Siobhan, 14th in heat

– U15 Board Race, Jake, 13th in heat

– U15 Board Race, Daniel 14th in heat

– U15 Board Race, Ed, 16th in Quarter final

– U15 Board Race, Cooper 14th in heat

– Open Boards, Tom, 12th in Quarter finals

– U15 2km run, Ed 12th in final

– U15 Sprints, Beth, 10th in Quarter final

– U15 Sprints, Izzy, 5th in heat

– U15 Sprints, Lauren, 6th in heat

– U15 Sprints, Chloe, 5th in heat

– U15 Sprints, Sophie 7th in heat

– U15 Surf Swim, Siobhan, 30th in final

– U15 Beach relay, Beth, Izzy, Chloe, Sophie 7th in semi final

– U15 beach relay, Ed, Cooper Jake, Daniel, 9th in Final

– U15 Iron man, Ed, 14th in heat

– U15 Iron woman, Siobhan, 12th in heat

– Open Ski, Tom, 13th in heat

– U15 flags, Sophie knocked out round 1

– U15 flags, Lauren, knocked out round 2

– U15 flags, Chloe, knocked out round 2

– U15 flags, Izzy, knocked out round 3

– U15 flags, Beth, knocked out round 6 and finished in 12th position

– Open Flags, Tom, knocked out round 2

– U23 men’s Boat crew, Jake, Corby, Stefan, Dan and sweep Kevin, round robin with finishes 2nd, 2nd, 6th in round 1 did not progress to Sunday competition

– U23 woman’s Boat crew, Sarah, Bianca, Courtney, Jen and sweep Darren, round robin with finishes 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, progressed to Semi Final on the Sunday with a 6th place.

It should be noted that for many of these competitors this was the first ever time at the Aussies and to be on the same beach and on the start line as many of their hero’s was a very special moment.

Four of our competitors, Lauren Daly, Siobhan Roe, Cooper Forest and Ed Gates-Ashton are also only U14 but as they have their SRC were able to compete in the U15’s and help make up teams and also demonstrate that they have a great future ahead, taking on the best in the country in the U15’s, we look forward to seeing them compete again next year.

Many thanks to our Competition Manger, Sonja Smith who spent many hours processing the nominations and ensuring all our competitors were entered into the correct events on time, our officials, Trevor Mulvihill and Jim Doherty who officiated in the boat area, our IRB drivers and crew, Tom Lanyon, Lindy Lewis, Greg Fletcher, Darren Hocking and Courtney Smallacombe. It must be noted that without the extra efforts of the above helpers we would not be able to compete.

Also special thanks to Garry Ashton, Andrew Henry, Steve Forest, Brett and Rachel Roe and Kevin Fitzgerald who helped me cover the 2km of beach to ensure all our competitors were registered and marshalled on time to ensure our competitors could get to the start line.

Finally I must say a big thankyou to my wife Trish who spent many hours organising accommodation and transport options while away and put up with me over the past few months, not any easy task.

The next Surf Life Saving Aussies in April 2015 will be held at Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast and already many are making plans to attend and improve in this years’ experience, hope to see you there.

Phil Hogan
Henley Aussies 2014 Team Manager

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