2014 Senior State Titles Report

March 26, 2014Competition Results

This year the Senior State titles were held over many days and at 5 venues and at the completion of the State Titles Carnival the Henley SLSC has finished in 8th position with 180 points.

However this year State Centre has ruled that for the overall club Premiership points it also includes points gained at the 3 Senior carnivals held during the year and with this in mind the Henley SLSC has finished in 7th Position with 260 points and only 13 points behind 6th position.

We were well represented with 8 boat crews (40 competitors) and 65 competitors on the beach and in the water, one of the biggest state title teams in the history of the surf club.

The first day of competition was actually way back in early February with the Champion Patrol and Champion Life Saver on offer, our club Captain Tom Lanyon won the Bronze medal in the Open Champion Life Saver category and Cooper Forest a Bronze in the U14 category with Siobhan Roe in 7th.

The second day of competition was on the 16th February at Brighton Beach where we saw the Henley R&R team competing in the 5 man with a 4th place and in the 6 man competition with a 5thplace.

The third day of competition was on the 2nd March at Somerton Beach with heats and semi-finals for the Flags, Iron man, Iron woman with our competitors racing down to the final 8 or 16. Henley was fortunate enough to have most of our competitors qualify for the finals.

We also competed in Board rescue, Rescue Tube Race, Belt Rescue race, Cameron Relay with the following results in the finals for Henley;

  • U15 Male Cameron Relay, Stefan Van De Walt, Daniel Hogan, Jake Butterfield, Cooper Forest, Silver Medal
  • U15 Female tube race, Maeve Moroney Plouffe, 4th
  • U15 Male Board rescue, Stefan Van De Walt and Daniel Hogan, 7th
  • U15 Female Cameron Relay, Siobhan Roe, Maeve Moroney Plouffe, Izzy Williams, Chloe Shatwell, 5th
  • U15 Female Cameron Relay, Lauren Daly, Beth Mahoney, Sophie McEvoy, Aimee Moroney Plouffe, 8th
  • U17 Female Board rescue, Jade de Beer and Annina D Aminco, 5th
  • U17 Male Board Rescue, Harry Forest and Jandre Van De Walt, 8th
  • U17 Belt/ Reel Rescue, Jade de Beer 8th who was supported magnificently by her U17 colleagues on the reel

The fourth day of competition was in the evening of Friday 14th March at Seacliff Beach where the beach events were held. A very late night for competitors, officials and supports with the following top 6 results.

  • U15 Female 2km run, Maeve Moroney-Plouffe 4th
  • U17 Female 2km run, Bella Hood, Gold Medal
  • U17 Female 2 km run, Chelsea Sleczka, 4th
  • U17 Male 2km run, Bernard Viljoen 5th
  • Open Male 2 km run, Garry Ashton, 6th
  • U17 Male Flags, Harry Forest 4th
  • U17 Male Flags, Ethan Miller 5th
  • U19 Female Flags, Izzy Coldwell, Silver Medal
  • U19 Female Flags, Laura Cassidy, 4th
  • U17 Male sprint, Sasa Tadic, Bronze Medal
  • U19 Female Sprint Izzy Coldwell, Silver Medal
  • U19 Female sprint, Laura Cassidy 6th
  • Open Male sprint, Garry Ashton 6th
  • U15 Female Beach Relay, Sophie McEvoy, Izzy Williams, Beth Mahoney, Chloe Shatwell, Bronze Medal
  • U17 Female Beach relay, Bella Hood, Chelsea Sleczka, Annina D Aminco, Alex Applebee, 4th
  • U17 Male Beach relay, Sasa Tadic, Ethan Miller, Bernard Viljoen, Harry Forest, Bronze Medal
  • U19 Male Beach relay, Sasa Tadic, Ethan Miller, Bernard Viljoen, Harry Forest, Bronze Medal

The final 2 days of competition were Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th March at Moana Beach in very testing conditions and not without some controversy with the following top results in the finals;

  • Open Men Boats, Henley Mackdogs, Darren Hocking, Colby Grace, Simon Mitris, Joe Devries, Davis Kulikowski, Gold Medal
  • Open Men Boats, Henley Dirtybirds, Kevin Fitzgerald, Jake Fitzgerald, Stefan Starkey, Daniel Murdock, Peter Oborn, , Bronze Medal
  • Open Women Boats, Henley Pirates, Darren Hocking, Bianca Parker, Sarah Melios Traver, Clare Harrington, Courtney Smallacombe, Silver Medal
  • Open Women Boats, Henley Stingers, Jamie Butterfield, Tara Clarke, Skye Davoren, Katie Cavanagh, Bree Williams, 4th
  • U23 Men Boats, Henley Dirty Birds Kevin Fitzgerald, Jake Fitzgerald, Stefan Starkey, Daniel Murdock, Colby Grace, , Gold Medal
  • U23 Women Boats, Henley Pirates, Darren Hocking, Bianca Parker, Sarah Melios Traver, Clare Harrington, Courtney Smallacombe, Gold Medal
  • U23 Women Boats, Henley Strikers, Jamie Butterfield, Jennifer Meister, Emma Cassidy, Laura Cassidy, Nicole Carey, Silver Medal
  • U23 Women Boats, Henley Emuettes, Kevin Fitzgerald, Isabelle Coldwell, Amber Searcy, Jo Malcome, Mia Ciccarello, 4th
  • Open March Past, 7th with a loss of 13 points
  • U15 Male Board race, Cooper Forest, 5th
  • U15 Male Board relay, Daniel Hogan, Jake Butterfield, Ed Gates, Bronze Medal
  • U17 Male Ski, Ryan Froud, 16th
  • Open Male Ski, Scott Robinson 14th
  • U15 Male swim Teams, Daniel Hogan, Stefan Van De Walt, Jake Butterfield, Ed Gates, 5th
  • U17 Male swim teams, Jake Dorward, Ethan Miller, Jandre Van De Walt, Ryan Froud, 4th
  • U15 Female swim, Maeve Moroney Plouffe, Bronze Medal
  • U15 Male swim, Stefan Van De Walt, 4th
  • U17 Male swim, Ryan Froud, 10th
  • U17 Female swim, Jade de Beer, 8th
  • U19 Male Taplin, Sean Dedai, Harry Forrest, Jandre Van De Walt, 4th
  • U15 Female Iron woman, Maeve Moroney Plouffe, 4th
  • U17 Female iron woman, Jade de Beer, 4th
  • Open Men Board relay, Steve Forest, Andrew Lanyon , Tom Lanyon, 10th
  • Open Ski Relay, Sean Dedai, Tom Lanyon, Scott Robinson, 9th

There were many firsts achieved at this carnival including the Open Men’s Boat crew who took out the Gold medal in the Open men’s boats, the first time in 32 years and our R&R team scoring points for the club for the first time in many years, the return of a competitive March past team and 2 x U17 teams competing in the Belt race which involves teams of 5 using the rescue reel to mention a few.

Many thanks to our Competition Manger Sonja Smith who spent many hours ensuring all our 105 competitors were entered into the correct events on time and our officials and helpers who supported our club and our athletes for competing in some of the worst conditions this year for a carnival.


Phil Hogan
Henley Team Manager

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