Bronze Medallion/Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) – PUA21010


An iconic Surf Life Saving award and the base award for members wishing to be active Surf Lifesavers. The award provides members with all skills and knowledge necessary to be competent Surf Lifesavers and help provide the community a safe aquatic environment.


A requirement for members wishing to be active Surf lifesavers and therefore participate in beach patrols, water cover and compete in Surf Lifesaving events (competitions).


  1. Be a minimum of 15 years of age on the day of the final assessment.
  2. Complete a 400m swim in less than 9 minutes.
  3. Complete a Run swim Run (200m/200m/200m) at the final assessment


  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Human body
  • Surf Awareness and skills (including 200m Run/200m Swim/200m Run in less than 8 minutes)
  • 1 & 2 person CPR
  • Oxygen and Defibrillation
  • First aid
  • Rescue techniques
  • Communication (signals)
  • Radio Communications
  • Lifts and carries (including spinal)
  • Rescue techniques
  • Patrols


Approximately 20-24 hours practical training followed by a separate assessment.


Courses are generally conducted as 1 night and weekend sessions over 8 weeks or consolidated (3 days during school holidays, or long weekends). Participants in consolidated coursed are required to have previous experience in water skills (board skills, open water swimming)

All interested members MUST be able to confidently complete swimming components. Should you be unsure as to your ability please attend club swim sessions for a swimming evaluation.

Units of competency:

  • PUACOM001C – Communicate in the workplace
  • PUASAR013A – Participate in an aquatic rescue operation
  • PUATEA001B – Work in a team
  • PUATEA004D – Work effectively in a public safety organisation
  • HLTFA211A – Provide basic emergency life support
  • PUAOHS001C – Follow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures
  • PUAOPE013A – Operate communications systems and equipment
  • PUASAR012C – Apply surf awareness and self rescue skills
  • HLTCPR211A – Perform CPR


To remain current an annual proficiency update (approximately 2 hours) is required.

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