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2000 & Beyond


The year 2000 bought with it the 75th Anniversary of the club and celebrations were planned for the weekend of 30th October. The main function was a dinner at the Woolshed at West beach which was attended by over 200 past and present members. The book “First to the Buoys” A history of the Henley.

The book “First to the Buoys” A history of the Henley Surf Lifesaving Club was also released on that occasion and is now available at $25.00 a copy


After the successful 75th year celebrations the club entered the new millennium with added vigour, under the leadership of new club captain, Bill Hoey. President Gary Kirwan had been transferred to Victoria and was replaced by Joe Bayer. Membership continued to grow as a result of the revitalised junior section and had reached 170 by season end. There were 17 new bronze medals awarded during the season.

1930 patrol hours were undertaken and there were two major rescues, 70 of a minor nature and 166 preventative actions taken by patrols on the beach. Trading in the Top Room reached an all time high due to Dave Hemsley’s management and by having the room open 6 days a week Teresa Daveron was appointed a Life Member


The season saw the purchase and christening of the new surfboat, the “Fitzy” and also the purchase of three new skis to add to the craft fleet. The club was recognised during the season as the 2002 champion ski club of SA

Danny Hall undertook 131.25 hours of patrol duties. Life Memberships were bestowed on Lloyd Oaten, Gary Fazzalari and John Foody


Neville Fielder was appointed Club President and immediately he needed to tackle the on going problem of the location and future of the clubrooms. The City of Charles Sturt has suggested amalgamation of the clubs in the area and the removal of the current building,

Again the junior section continued to grow under the leadership of John Foody and his band of helpers and their efforts were shown in the success that they had at inter club competitions

Mike Finnis gained his Bronze Medallion, Level 1 Surf Coach award, Advanced Resuscitation Certificate, Training Officer – Bronze Medallion, Training Officer – Resuscitation, Examiner – Bronze Medallion, Examiner – Advanced Resuscitation, and the Senior First Aid Certificate. Had he not broken his leg during IRB training the day prior to the examination he would also have gained his IRB Drivers Certificate

Skye Davoren – Searcy was selected in the State Development team, and Kate Barclay was selected in the National Kayak Squad. David Fourier was appointed coach of the Australian Junior Kayak Team and Jason Burton was selected as the Junior Club Lifesaver of the Year.

The Dave “Happy” Hemsley surfboat was christened.

2003 – 2004

During this season the club developed a strategic plan that set goals, and mapped out the direction the club should travel over the next 10 years in regards to finances, membership, competition and of course the clubrooms

Membership continued to grow both at senior and junior levels.

There are now 137 registered Juniors (Nippers) and they finished fourth in the State Titles.

Zoe Duffy was selected in the SA Junior Representative team.

Kate Barkley was selected in the Australian team to compete in Kayaks at the Athens Olympics and David Foureur was appointed the National Kayak Coach

George King was elected a Life Member of the club.


The club enters its eightieth year of operations and it was fitting that it should also win  the State Patrol efficiency competition during this year.

Looking back we can now see the many benefits of a strong Junior section in the club.

Many past members have returned with their children and they, along with some of the other Junior parents are now taking administrative, officiating or coaching roles within the club. Many parents have also received their Bronze medallions, and now take an active role in both patrols and competition. There is also a stream of former nipper members who have stayed with the club over many years and now play an active role in the club’s administration.

Mark Travers, Jane Dewar, Lindy Foureur, Anthony Tammita, Michael Domarecki, Matteo Simone, Sam Fielder, Tony Tammita, Lee-Anne Folkers, Chris Sheehy, Mike Ruygrok, Aaron Lewis, Shelley Nelson, Jamie Butterfield, John Foody, Phil Hogan, Scott Mather, Michael Finnis, Ken Heaver, Gary Davis and Steve Moore are just a few that are helping to now shape the future of our club.

Greg Fletcher was appointed a Life Member of the club.


The club proudly celebrated  the completion of its 80th year of service to the community A  dinner was held to mark the occasion at AAMI stadium and over 200 past and present members attended.

The highlight of the evening was a video message from Alan and Bob Lucy who had joined the club in 1925 and 1926 respectively.

We took the delivery of a  Yamaha all wheel drive vehicle early in the season allowing patrols to more affectively cover the area from the Torrens Outlet in the South, through to Reedie Street in the North.

Building plans for a new building have been drawn up and an estimate of the cost is around two million dollars.

There were 82 awards gained during the season of which 27 were Bronze Medallions.

Barry Duhne was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his service to Surf Lifesaving in SA


New clubrooms are moving closer to fruition with the announcement that the Council had approved $75,000 in its budget to assist with preliminary design and specifications.

The club organised a boat row from Stansbury, across Gulf St Vincent to Henley Beach. Called the BENDIGO BANK HENLEY SLSC BIG ROW it proved to be a huge success, raising in excess of $40,000 which was allocated to the building fund

Jim Doherty was recognised during the year for his 70 years service to this club and also for his 50 years service as an official at a National level

A record 129 awards were gained during the year which was a testimony to the many hours put in by Tony Tammita, Paul Leonard, Cec Owens and Leah Panakera–Thorpe, who shared the instructing roles.

The HET programme (Henley Extreme Team) which was established and led by Andrew Hall has been very successful. This is a group of teenagers’ in transition between Juniors and Seniors that compete together at carnivals and have organised camps and learn the responsibilities of leadership.

Neville Fielder was appointed Life Membership of the club.

Participants, after completing the Bendigo Bank Henley SLSC Big Row


A record 39 members gained their Bronze Medallion this year.

While the City of Charles Sturt has budgeted $900,000 towards the cost of the new clubrooms, there is now concern being expressed by some authorities  the club’s location and the affect that rising tides may cause in the future.

Another Bendigo Bank Big Row was held during the years, raising a further $44,000 towards the building fund

Daniel Sheehy and Miles Davis were selected in the State Team

Tom Jennings retires from the position of Club Patron after 15 years of invaluable service in that role.

Barrie Cole was appointed Life Membership of the club.


After so many years it has finally been announced that the Clubrooms will soon be demolished and a new building will be built on the current site.

Plans have now been finalised and submitted to the appropriate authorities, and it is expected that next season will see the club operating from shipping containers and make shift premises.

A site has been leased on Henley Beach Road where equipment can be stored while the 12 month building programme takes place.

There were many other highlights during this season, our patrols having recorded 40 successful rescues.

The club welcomed new leaders taking on major roles in the club like Roy Menner, Mark Frances, Tom Lanyon and Dean Woods.

In total, 174 members undertook patrol duties during the summer

The Bendigo Bank Big Row continued to be an outstanding success and over $50,000 was raised on the third crossing of Gulf St. Vincent

Andrew Lanyon won a Gold medal in the Tube Race and a Silver Medal in the Iron Man race at the Australian Championships in the 50-55 year age group

Daniel Sheehy was selected in the State Team winning the beach sprint and the U19 crew of Kevin Fitzgerald (sweep) Daniel Travers, Daniel Murdock, Jake Fitzgerald and Jack Foody were selected in the State Team for surfboat rowing.


The saga of the new building still continues and while work was to begin during this season, there were further setbacks; however, the latest advice is that work should begin near the end of 2010.

Surprisingly this uncertainty has not affected the club, whose membership is now at an all time high of over 400 members. There were 28 new bronze medals awarded to members and the club was able to hold its head up high in the competition arena.

Trevor Mulvihill was inducted into the Aust Surf Rowers League SA. Hall of Fame

Jake Butterfield, jack Mather, Lachlan Frances, Daniel Hogan (all juniors) Sam Leonard and Bec Wood were each awarded a  SA. Meritorious Award from the State Govt for their courageous actions in rescuing and reviving a woman in the water, who was choking near the end of the Jetty

Sadly we recorded the passing of Dave “Happy” Hemsley during September. Dave was a Life Member who joined the club in the late 1930s. The Club’s successes in R & R during the 1960s and 70s were almost entirely the effort by Dave who coached the teams.


Unfortunately work on the new clubrooms has not begun, and President Neville Fielder is at pains to assure members that the hold ups are beyond the control of the building committee. Being a project financed partly by the State Govt, there are many regulations, and several departments that needed to approve the project. While this is not a major problem, it all takes time and at this stage, tenders are expected to be called during July 2011

Membership has increase yet again and there were 42 Bronze medallions awarded to members.

The Club’s finances are still in a good position in readiness for the new clubrooms, and the biggest source of revenue is still from the BENDIGO BANK BIG ROW.

Being the 5th row from Stansbury to Henley, the total raised so far is now over $250,000.

Phil Hogan is elected a Life Member


Membership is now in excess 500

Patrol hours by members exceeded 5000 for the season, which is a tremendous effort by a group of volunteers

The big news is that the old HSLSC clubrooms have now been demolished in readiness for a modern 3 story clubroom that will be the envy to all clubs along the coast. The old building, built in 1954 had serviced its members and the public well over so many years and hopefully much of the club’s earlier history is recorded into the new building.

Reflecting on those many members that have gone before us and who contributed to the club is impossible, however they should all feel extremely proud of their participation as should those of today’s generation.

Mention and thanks must be made of President Neville Fielder, Secretary Kevin Fitzgerald and Treasurer Mark Travers for the many frustrating hours they have put in, far and beyond what their duties called for.

As we are about to enter a new phase at Henley things may be different, however the objects and the ideals of the club will not change, and that is a call to all past and present members to embrace those changes and to help make Henley  the most successful and respected club  in SA again.


A difficult season with no clubrooms to operate from, forcing patrols to be carried out from shipping containers placed on the promenade just south of where the clubrooms once stood.

Membership has continued to climb and now stands at 574

Lindy Lewis wins the 30–34 year beach flag Australian title and a bronze medal in the beach sprint

Jane Dewar and Shelly Nelson are elected  Life Members

2013 -2014

At last, after waiting for so many years, our new clubrooms were finally opened on 8th October 2013 by the Premier of SA and former Henley Nipper, the Honorable Jay Weatherill MP.

It is interesting to note that the timber joists removed from the old club rooms were used in the building of the bar area on the first level

Andrew Lanyon wins gold medals in the 55–59 years Rescue tube and Iron man races at the Australian titles, and John Ellice-Flint gets a silver medal in the 60–64 year surf race. Our 170 years Surf Team also took out a second place and Lindy Lewis was placed third in the 30-34 flags

Mark Travers and Lindy Lewis were elected Life Members

2014 – 2015

Phil Hogan is elected Club President after Neville Fielder stands down after 12 years in the chair

Jim Doherty is recognized by the International Lifesaving council at the Australian titles in recognition of his 70 years service to Surf Lifesaving

Neville Fielder, John Ellice–Flint and Andrew Lanyon win gold medals in the 170 surf teams race at the Australian Titles.

Our under 23 female surf boat crew consisting of Bianca Parker, Laura Cassidy, Emma Cassidy, Regan Smallacombe and Jamie Butterfield as sweep win a silver medal, and Lindy Lewis, Neville Fielder and Andrew Lanyon win bronze medals in their individual races

Kevin Fitzgerald is inducted into the Australian Surf Rowers League SA. Hall of Fame and both Jim Doherty and Trevor Mulvihill were made Life Members of the league

Aaron Lewis was  elected a Life Member

2015 – 2016

This is the 90th year of the Henley Surf Lifesaving Club, having been formed in October 1925

Steve Horseman is named South Australia’s Life Saver of the Year in recognition of not only what he does at club level but also his contribution to Surf Lifesaving in South Australia. This prestigious award has not been won by a Henley member since Rodney Hill won the inaugural event back in 1977

Stefan Starkey is named South Australia’s Trainer of the year

Four of our Life Members, Merv Butterfield, Barry Duhne, Charles Fielder and Tony Park were inducted into Surf Lifesaving SA’s inaugural Hall of Fame

The 10th Bendigo Bank Big Row was again conducted successfully with the tally from this event over that period has exceeded $500,000

The Henley over 120 years female boat crew of Hannah kitchin, Tara Clarke, Clare Burke, Renae Pierce and swept by Gary Fazzalari won the Gold medal at the Australian Titles.

Our 170+ surf team of Andrew Lanyon, John Ellice–Flint and Neville Fielder won their event for the second successive year

Andrew Lanyon wins a bronze medallion in the 55–59 rescue tube race

Darren Hocking is elected a Life Member

2016 – 2017

Rae Lawson is elected Club President and has the distinction of being the Club’s first Female President

The club had continued success at the Australian titles with our 170 year surf team winning for the 3rd year running, and the female 120 year boat crew of Hannah Kitchin, Suzi Gunn, Claire Burke, Kate Brereton and sweep Ron Harwood won the gold medal for the second year in a row.

Silver to the 140 year female boat crew of Jane Dewar Bray, Tara Clarke, Carly Lutze, Kirsty Rawlings and sweep Kevin Fitzgerald

John Ellice-Flint won a Silver and bronze in his two swimming races and Andrew Lanyon won a bronze in his.

Three of our members travelled to the World Surf Titles held in Noordwijk, Netherlands during the year and they each came home with medals around their necks. John Ellice-Flint had won the 65-69 year surf race, Andrew Lanyon second in the Iron Man and combining with Neville Fielder they came 1st in their Surf Teams event

The Henley R & R team represented from 1960 to 1974 was inducted into Surf Lifesaving SA’s Hall of Fame

Jamie Butterfield and David Fourier became Life Members


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