IRB Crewperson

June 13, 2016Powercraft Awards


Inflatable Rescue boats are an important part of beach patrols and water cover. Qualified lifesavers wishing to be part of IRB water safety (and competitions) need to successfully complete IRB awards. The crew certificate is the first IRB award achieved and once completed members have the option of completing the Silver Medallion IRB Driver award.


Suitable for members who have a current Bronze Medallion. The IRB Crewperson is an important part of every beach patrol.


Members need to be a minimum of 15 years of age and hold a current Bronze Medallion.


  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of an IRB Crewperson
  • Duties and safety considerations of an IRB Crewperson
  • Launch and Crew an IRB
  • Understand classes of IRBs, components and ancillary equipment
  • Perform emergency procedures
  • Maintain an IRB


Approximately 10-15 hours of training followed by a separate assessment.


Courses are generally conducted on consecutive days with assessment on a separate date (depending on assessor availability).

Units of competency:

  • PUASAR015A Crew small powercraft in a rescue operation


To remain current an annual proficiency update (approximately 30minutes) is required.

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