Swimming is a crucial part of surf lifesaving and especially important for safety when competing in other water craft events. All lifesavers must complete an entry level swim test to become qualified. Surf lifesaving swimming events have been designed to encourage members to keep fit for lifesaving duties. These events include:

  • Surf Race – starting on the beach, the surf race involves running, wading and swimming about 200m to sea, around a line of buoys and then returning to the beach.
  • Rescue Tube Rescue (four person) – this event requires a patient, rescue tube swimmer and two rescue assistants. The patient swims to their allocated buoy and signals back to the beach where the rescue tube swimmer enters the water to assist the patient. As the pair approach the beach, the rescue assistants help to bring the patient across the finish line.
  • Tube Rescue (two person) – the two-person tube rescue race is similar to the four-person race, but without the rescue assistants.
  • Tube Rescue (one person) – this event involves a single competitor running up the beach to collect their rescue tube and then racing to the water to swim to their allocated buoy. They signal from the water (to a ref on the beach) to finish the race.
  • Belt Race – this is a team event involving the use of the iconic surf belt (reel, line and belt). The apparatus is no longer used for rescues but the event remains for nostalgic purposes.
  • Run-Swim-Run – this event is the standard entry level test required for a Bronze Medallion and involves competitors running approximately 200m on the beach, swimming around a set of buoys out to sea and returning to the beach to complete another 200m run to the finish.

Club Swim – Every Saturday!

Henley host a handicapped Club Swim every Saturday afternoon through the season. It is a great opportunity to maintain fitness in a social setting and to meet fellow clubbies.

Clubbies competing in the 2016 Club Championships (Swim Event)

Swimming Training

The Henley Swim Team train every Tuesday & Thursday night (6-7pm) at Immanuel College Swimming Pool.

All members over 15 are welcome. The cost is $5 per session which is paid by direct debit. Please contact Roy Menner for payment options – chief-instructor@henleyslsc.com.au

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